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Posted by: _Pulz at 17 May 2018, 05:36

Welcome to the first TNTC Newsletter.
There is currently no set schedule for these newsletters, so expect them to drop as and when they do!

Submitted screenshots

Check the #server-screenshots channel on discord to see why these were posted!

'PikaArc squints''sBeats infusing with style'
'sBeats' river home''Jason and Losxhra like their Katars!'

Guide quickie #1 'Power Converter'

The original Tekkit used Energy Links, but since those are long gone- you can make use of a Power Converter- from the Power Utils mod.
The crafting recipe consists of x4 Advanced Alloy, x2 Module IC, x2 Advanced Circuit, x1 Basic Machine Casing- as shown below:

The Power Converter can convert between EU and RF- but is not able to do both at the same time.
To change between an input hit the toggle button at the bottom of the GUI. 

Here are some examples of use:
(HV Solar Panel (EU) > Glass Fibre Cable > Converter > Quarry)

(Kinetic Wind Gen (kU) > Kinetic Gen (EU) > Converter > emerald+diamond+teleport (kinetic) pipes > Quarry (RF) )

Hopefully with these examples, you can make use of RF to EU conversion and vice versa in your builds! 


In future editions, this section will feature percentage increases from the last Newsletter!

Pack downloads: 60K
Pack runs: 282K (+0.7% in the last 48hr)
Official server bans: 3 (In the last weeks, due to no previous Newsletter data)
   Ban breakdown: x1 Attempted griefing, x1 Exploiting despite warnings, x1 Being an idiot in private DM's


Official server changes

Maximum accrued claim blocks up 40%: 5000 >> 7000
Once exploit fixed, some recipes still using banned items adjusted
Auto AFK machine detector nerfed- was punishing users on their first warning. 


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Posted by: _Pulz at 17 May 2018, 02:14

The TNTC server will be under maintenance for up to an hour, around 08:00-09:00 AM BST.
You will be able to join and play during this period- but expect a few restarts.

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Posted by: _Pulz at 13 May 2018, 18:02

Welcome to the new website.
Things are still being set up, expect downtime and other magical bugs.

On the immediate to-do list, I'll be sorting out a fully formatted Mods page.
Next up, will be our first newsletter- which will feature some of the best builds I've seen recently, as well as stuff like 'this month's mini tutorial' etc..

Keep your eyes peeled!

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